Organic Growth...
The Right Way!

Providing top-notch marketing and growth services to decentralized businesses globally!

How it works

We introduce a simple streamlined process to ensure maximum efficieny, and focus our services on creating top-notch targeted conversion!


It all begins with a message

By reaching out to us and filing our our short questionaire, we can better fine tune our personalized services to fit your needs.

Sit Back, Relax, and Let us do the work

Our over 20+ years of experience all together in the field will immediately begin to show why choosing us was your best decision yet!

Encourage and Embrace the growth

Do your part by embracing the explosive change to your decentralized business and encouraging positive relations between company and consumer.

Get insights along the way!

We want you to be as up to date as we are with everything pertaining to your service request. That's why we are hard at work producing our all-in-one customer support panel that will feature everything needed to stay up to date on your growth!

This easy to use panel will feature analytics, statistics, easy to read charts, and much more to create a useful place to review and interact with your service requests easily and efficiently.

Coming Soon!

Your fastest path to a great consumer growth solution.

Whether you need bounty hunters, targeted consumer conversion, white paper and graphic design, exchange listing support, or marketing and promotion services; we can provide expert support and service that can satisfy any and all requests from our clients.

Growth can be a tricky thing, and producing organic growth from your content is what is most important. We believe in a 100% No Bot Promise that ensures no usage of false and misleading growth tactics and encourage investors to sway their decisions due to false numbers. Instead, be rest assured that your community and growth are organic and real, and are there to learn about your development and product!

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Our Core Services

We pride ourselves on offering diverse solutions to all decentralized businesses globally. If we can't do it, we know someone who can.

Project and Development Coordinating

Need a professional hand at establishing a proper approach to market? We offer an excellent consulting and coordinating service that will allow you to focus on the idea, while we handle the nitty gritty tasks that ensure your project enters with a bang!

Web and Graphic Design

Fine tune your approach with our expert graphic and web design services that can help your brand stick out to the masses with a website that tells people "We are it!" and graphics that say "This is Us!".

White Paper and Pitch Deck Production

Need your idea brought to life, but just don't quite know the words to say it yet? Let us help you bring your thoughts to fruition and put them in a way that people can both understand and enjoy to read and see.

Exchange Listing Support

Need help getting your foot in the door with exchanges? We have connections with over 30+ exchanges that can provide a secure and reputable platform for your community to trade and engage with your product market. Let us do the work!

Mass Bounty Services

With our network of over 10,000+ active bounty hunters, we are able to provide top quality outreach and growth support that can provide content to all corners of the globe at break-neck speeds.

Marketing and Promotion Services

We specialize in targeted consumer marketing, global decentralized business growth campaigns, and proper journalism of development milestones and project announcements. We can ensure your message reaches the consumer through targeted efforts!

Global Outreach...Wherever you are.

  • Decentralized Business has opened the gates for targeted and efficient global outreach.

  • We harness the potential of this open-ended market, and gear consumers towards your product from corners of the globe.

The Western American Continent
The African/Middle Eastern Communities
The Evolving and Expanding Asian World

Frequently Asked Questions

Not quite convinced? See what others are asking when they are standing in your shoes.

What are the objectives of this group?

CoinSharks is a Decentralized Development Services Company dedicated to supporting and growing all forms of decentralized businesses seeking to establish a solid foundation to bring their ideas to fruition. Businesses can use CoinSharks to harness the full potential of a hard-working marketing and growth team with versatile skillsets.

CoinSharks is also a private investments club with strict membership guidelines dedicated to producing next-generation and proprietary use cases for cryptocurrency and blockchain as a whole!

How can I guarantee delivery of services?

CoinSharks prides itself in offering a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee where we will refund the entire cost of services in the event of an unsatisfied client. No if, ands, or buts...

What types of projects do you support?

Our experience is focused around financial technology, blockchain development, and decentralized businesses as a whole. We do however offer various forms of marketing services that can fit most any project focus.

Are there alternative forms of payment?

CoinSharks accepts nearly all forms Cryptocurrency as well as most forms of convential payment including Credit/Debit Cards and Bank Transfers. We do accept commission and equity based payments for certain qualified projects.

CoinSharks Team

Over 20+ years of group experience with direct exposure to cryptocurrency marketing, development, and trading. We know exactly how to get the job done.

Anthony Colón

Founder/Marketing Executive

Brett Whervin

Co-Founder/Partnerships Executive

Alex Gemcut

Web Designer

William Kibbler

Blockchain Developer

Nadiia Osmokesku

Marketing and Journalism

Alyan A. González

Marketing and Promotion

Cameron Harkey

Marketing and Relations

Karina Sovich

Marketing and Customer Service